Friday, August 9, 2013

Plenty Of Pickles

I wish I could say I grew all the cucumbers for the pickles I made today. But sadly, I did not. I purchased about a bushel from a local farmer and split them with my sister. Between the two of us we put up somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 pints.
This is my one cheat in canning. I buy Mrs. Wages pickle mix. The spices are already all mixed up and all you have to do is add vinegar and water. I usually through some extra garlic and red pepper flakes in each jar. She calls for you to process but I find that they get mushy so with everything boiling hot and sterilized (jars, lids, mixture) once I fill the jars I turn them upside down and they all seal. Once cool I store in the fridge. This year I tried a new "spicy" mixture. That would be an understatement! Those pickles may need a warning label.

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