Monday, August 12, 2013

A Pile Of Peppers

Well, I can't complain about the pepper harvest this year. They have suddenly exploded with lots of fruit. Peppers of all kinds were harvested today.

Alma Paprika Peppers~
These were dehydrated and ground for homemade paprika.

Jalapenos ( 2 varieties)~
Of course these were pickled!

Orange bells~
Roasted and frozen for the yummy roasted pepper sauce I serve on pasta, chicken or just lick off the spoon!

Cajun bells~
Also roasted and frozen.

Banana Peppers~
The ones we didn't eat fresh were pickled.

Stuffed with cheese, broiled and consumed immediately.

Pizza Peppers~
These are a sweet pepper that taste like a jalapeno without the heat. Most were chopped and frozen to add to soups and cornbread.

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