Saturday, August 24, 2013

Always Re-Doing!

I have worked on the kitchen herb bed all week. After several hours of weeding and cleaning out dead and dying herbs I have made the decision to plant them in a raised bed. I think most have died due to the wet summer. Herbs really don't care for "wet" feet. However, I discovered another possible reason--it seems with Luke's little dog home this summer my dogs were holding "pee parties" out there! Eeewww! So, they will be planted in an unreachable place and the herb bed will become a perennial flower bed.
Most of the plants were divided from other spots in the yard but I also lucked up on a trip to Lowe's and found lots of perennials and day lilies that had been marked down to 1.50! I even found a huge camellia for 5.00. Not for that bed of course, but surely somewhere...
I did harvest some herbs from containers. I hung them on an old ladder on the porch to dry.
I also planted a few more in a pot until the new bed is finished...plans are that will be this coming weekend.

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