Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Summer Solstice!

The first day of summer here was hot and humid. Nothing unusual about that except that we have been blessed with such wonderful weather up to this point that it feels worse than usual! Here on the farm the summer solstice means we are in full gear with the garden and milking. I am canning, freezing and weeding almost daily now. It means it is time to start dragging hose pipes from here to there on a daily basis as well.
The lambs are about ready to wean, the cashmere goats will start growing their fleeces back out and the remaining goat kids from the spring will be sent to the sale soon or put in the freezer. Our last batch of meat birds will be processed in a couple of weeks. We move at a slower pace but still move ;o)
Today I canned green beans during the heat of the day. I also prepared our traditional summer solstice fare of a cold supper. Homemade chicken salad on a fresh bed of greens with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden. We also had banana peppers stuffed with cheese and broiled. Normally we eat by the pond but with the heat and the fact that the boys had been in it all day, we chose the coolness of the kitchen tonight. Once supper was over, we headed to the garden to finish the picking after the sun had set. More green beans, squash and cucumbers were harvested. We dug the elephant garlic, pulled a few weeds and gathered the eggs. With the exception of the garlic all the vegetables were tucked in the fridge to deal with tomorrow.

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