Monday, March 21, 2011

The First Full Day Of Spring

It's that time of year. I can't force myself to stay indoors and do household chores. And though there was laundry and house cleaning to be done, I kept loosing focus and finding myself outdoors once again. In my perfect world there would be one rainy day each week to catch up on those icky inside things we must do. I did force myself to bake a loaf of onion rye bread for the Reuben's (using left over corned beef from the St. Patty's day supper) that I plan to fix tonight.
So, I watered the mushrooms, fed the critters, milked and picked lots of greens. I wandered around just checking on this and that . Gathered eggs. Combed out some cashmere goats. Pulled some weeds.
And, I stenciled my bee hives! I kept thinking that I wanted to go with Key West colors for my boxes but then I was straightening up some things in the basement the other night and I found lots of stencils begging for a purpose. Plus I was receiving a few strange looks from my hubby about our bee hive color scheme. So... ta da!

I still have lots of supers left to go, but I think they will be pretty neat when all is done.

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