Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This morning I washed my grow light stand and disinfected all pots and trays with a bit of Clorox and water. I need to replace a few trays that didn't hold up very well last summer. I also need to remember to get some fish emulsion and potting soil. I will probably start a few seeds in a couple of weeks ~broccoli raab, broccoli, cabbage and a few lettuces for a head start on the growing season. Most lettuce will be direct sown. I won't start the heat loving veggies until mid to late March. This stand has about 18 feet of growing space and last year I never had it completely full at any one time. You can see my citrus trees behind it. The lemons are blooming again and the limes are starting to put on fruit.
After that I headed to the barn to clean out the stalls and get the morning feeding started. The chickens have started cranking out the eggs so it looks like we may able to finally offer some for sale again. The Salmon Favorelles have finally started laying too. Even with last weeks' quiches, egg salad and the pound cake I made yesterday we have an abundance. Yeah! It has been a bit of a dry spell. I moved my alpine buck back outside since the sun was out. No matter where I put him he is not happy since I separated him from the girls. I even tried giving him a companion but he proceeded to just beat him up, so alone he will be for now. Next I filled all the mineral feeders for the sheep and goats, something I had been a bit slack on the last few weeks. Hay fed and the better part of the chores done I headed back to the house for a snack.
My husband called and said we needed to plan to go over the farm budget and taxes tonight. Grand. I asked if this would be an occasion for a stiff drink. He said probably, so I headed to the nearby ABC store before going back to the barn!
Back home, I started supper. Tonight is a crock pot meal. It is one of our favorites. It is called Santa Fe Chicken. I found the recipe years ago on the net. You layer corn, black beans (drained), boneless chicken breasts and salsa. Cook on high for 4 hours or so. Lower the heat and add cream cheese and grated pepper jack for another hour. Serve over a bed of lettuce of chips. I use my corn from the freezer, our chicken and salsa. I usually just use canned black beans. (someday I will can my own!)I use my fromage if I have some on hand, if not store bought cream cheese. It is a yummy dish and so easy!
Time to finish up chores and milk the cow. Wouldn't you know she had given up standing by the gate so I had to climb the fence to track her down. She was happy to see me however and milking was smooth. Almost 1 1/2 gallons. I noticed she could use a few minerals herself so I will need to pick up a block next feed run. Back to the house to strain the milk and rinse the pails. I will load them in the dishwasher later to sanitize them for tomorrow.
Last on the list is to feed the dogs and get a load of wood. It is supposed to be nasty towards the end of the week, a cold rain or maybe even a wintry mix. After doing that I peruse the garden and notice the kale and spinach are trying to come back and even picked a sad handful of broccoli. Sad or not it will just fine tossed in another quiche for lunches this week. All in all a lot was accomplished today. Hopefully tonight will go as well ! :o))

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