Saturday, January 30, 2010


It started snowing yesterday as I was finishing up the afternoon milking. It snowed most all night and then started sleeting. Looks like we got about 5 inches. The roads are a wreck and the temps will not get above freezing for the next few days. Who knows when things in the outside world will start moving again.
It hasn't bothered us much.The only thing we did do was get some extra gas for the generator just in case we lost power. Other than that we are good to go.
Morning chores started a bit earlier than usual because we could see the hay in the large pasture was gone. We put out hay for everyone and checked water buckets. We also brought up another load of wood.
I came back to the house to get a pot of soup on. I had soaked 12 different kinds of beans overnight and put them on to simmer. Later I added some sausage and Cajun seasonings. Pretty tasty!
I also cleaned out the fridge and got a pot of vegetable stock on. I tossed a lamb bone and all the veggies in the crisper that were heading south in a pot. I also put the carrot peelings, broccoli stems and wilted lettuce from the salad I made in there. I'll stain later and freeze for another pot of soup down the road.
Back out this afternoon to finish up chores. The sheep and goats had eaten all their hay (don't they ever nap?!!) so racks were filled again. The water bowls that I filled for the bunnies earlier were frozen again so I chipped it out and refilled them. The chickens actually laid fairly well today. As I was collecting eggs, one of the LGD's snuck in and swiped the eggs on the floor. Egg sucking little thief! She's the pregnant one so I forgave her today. ;o) Cleaned the stalls and finished the other duties and then headed to the house to get the milking buckets. The cow had been moved to the barn yesterday so I at least was under cover to milk today! The barn cats stood on ready. It seems they recognized the milking pails and knew what was coming. After milking I filled their bowl with a quart of warm frothy milk, much to their delight.
I am back in for the night and ready to hunker down and get warm. All the critters are warm and fed, I think I'll settle in with a hot toddy and see what the morning brings.

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