Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Cold One...

Yikes! Another bitterly cold day today. The wind is blowing so that made it even worse. I spent several hours outside feeding and trying to get CSA orders picked. Unfortunately this weather had just about finished off the garden. I was one pound short of kale for orders this week. The spinach is frozen and the mixed greens are all but dead. The kale may revive if we get some warm days. The one variety that I have been impressed with is called Lacinato Blue or Dinosaur kale. It seems to handle the cold better than many of the others. I was late getting that variety in so it did not have a chance to get super big but has definitely performed well, plus it has twice the antioxidants of other kale's. Not too bad, I will certainly plant it again.
Next year I will have either a small green house, cold frames and/
or some sort of hoop house. The lettuce has been gone for two weeks and I am absolutely dying for a salad. We've done fairly well with going local this fall, (a few slips around the holidays) but I will never make it until spring without a salad! We had plans for cold frames this year but didn't quite get to it. :o(
The animals are hanging in there. I did shut part of the barn up today to block some of the wind that was whistling down the hall. I also noticed that the Nigerian Dwarf girls are looking pretty pudgy and their udders are starting to fill. I do hope the little darlings will hold off for a bit as I don't relish the thought of spending nights in the barn in this weather. I am a bit concerned about them as we had a fence break in the fall with a larger buck paying them a visit. These does are out of lines that produce quads and quints on a regular basis so fingers crossed there are just several babies hanging out in there!

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