Friday, September 4, 2020

Let's Catch Up!

Well the last few weeks have been a blur of activity here on the homestead! The garden has continued to bless us with it's bounty.

 Canning has been a daily activity. Lots and lots of yummy goodness has been tucked into the pantry and freezer. Basil marinara and fig preserves

Basil pesto
More jalapenos, this time seeded and in chunks since they have been so hot!
And our new favorite Cowboy Candy. Jalapenos canned in a syrup for a sweet and spicy treat that is amazing!
Our late corn is coming in as well as the peas. In the freezer they went!

We finally got the custom tarp on the hoop houses. They look much tidier now.
The high tunnels are about to be started. We laid out the corners and skimmed the grass off.

We sold our last 2 Kune Kune sows. I have 3 Large Black Hogs reserved. 1 gilt and 2 barrows that will be ready in a few weeks. Our plan is to cross the gilt with our Kune Kune boar for faster growing piglets. 
Lastly we added this little cutie. A gift for my granddaughter who adores rabbits. 


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