Saturday, September 12, 2020

And Yes... More Pepper Preserving

 I had really planned to take the day off from preserving. Hubby is out of town until late evening and it's been cloudy and rainy. I have a couple of books I would like to read without falling asleep mid first page! I did some housework and took care of critters. I picked up a book and read a few pages but the bucket and bags of peppers kept calling. Preserve won't be sorry....I'll be so yummy this winter...  Fine! Fine! So the better part of the afternoon was spent slicing up all the beautiful bell peppers and freezing for fajitas and various other dishes that use them sliced. I have to say the colors were amazing and a beauty to behold.

I placed them on cookie sheets, let freeze and vacuum sealed them like I do my okra. 8 bags stashed in the freezer with a bunch more waiting to be picked.
Then I started on the banana peppers. I picked out the straightest ones, sliced in half and seeded them. (I'll chop the wonky ones for soups and cornbread) Then I stuffed them with a mixture of cream cheese and grated sharp cheddar. They too went on a sheet to freeze and then I stacked them in a container with wax pepper between the layers. They will be a treat this winter to pull out, bake at 350* until hot and bubbly and devour! 
No I wasn't sorry. I love preserving the harvest. maybe I will take tomorrow off though! ;-))

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