Monday, June 1, 2020

Yet Another Re-Do!

The rain has been quite brutal the last few weeks. On one day 3 inches fell fast and hard and it filled the newly constructed asparagus bed to the top.
What a disaster! Hubby cut a drain trench at the end of the bed and it drained off rather quickly. We hoped that would solve the problem, but no. Another storm blew through and this time it had about 3 inches of standing water. Now we have put a drain pipe in the bed. We cut out a ditch, removed the muddy stone and laid the pipe on top. As soon as we get more stone over top of the pipe it will be time to add another 3 inches of soil around the plants.
As I was pushing to last wheelbarrow of stone off to dump I asked hubby if he thought we might ever do a project just one time. He just shook his head. 
On the bright side apparently asparagus are tough plants! I fully expected them to rot but almost everyone has come up.

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