Monday, September 23, 2019

It Ain't Fall Y'all

The calendar says it's the first day of Autumn. The weather says otherwise. Our average temperature should be 78*. We broke a record of 94 today. It looks like our area is on target to break the record of the most 90* days over the course of the summer set back in the 50's. The long range forecast is still showing no rain in sight for the next 10 days. Not one drop has fallen the month of September here on the homestead. Hubby and I cannot ever remember a summer so hot and dry!

If I sound a little whiny it's probably because I am. I need some cooler temperatures and a crisp Fall morning to add some pep to my step! I know this too shall pass. I'm waiting.

I found this picture of our driveway from a couple of years ago. A normal Fall.....Sigh.
I'll have to be content staring at it until Fall truly arrives.
Oh and a picture of a happy calf enjoying breakfast this morning, that always makes my day better ;-)

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