Monday, July 15, 2019

The Month Of May

May started out at an even pace but quickly picked up speed! The strawberries started to ripen. It was a daily battle as to who would get them first- me or the squirrels! Sadly the squirrels won more times than I did.
On Mother's day this crazy looking lamb was born to one of the Suffolk ewes we picked up earlier this year. After much discussion we found out that the person I bought her from has some Cheviot weathers in the pasture with her ewes. Well, apparently they were not weathered correctly and managed to produce a few lambs! It is a little ram lamb and we call him Donkey cause we think he looks like one! We have decided to keep him and use him as a breeding ram.
The sheep got a much needed haircut.
I started harvesting and drying herbs from the garden.
May was a stormy month and in addition to daily chores we had  lot of cleanup that took up serveral weekends.

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