Thursday, July 18, 2019

July So Far

And here we are in July! Wow time does not slow....
Hubby took the better part of the fourth week off. We worked like possessed homesteaders trying to catch up chores and projects. There is the never ending job of mowing. Even when we tag team it, it takes close to 3 hours. We spent the better part of one day cutting trees off fences and repairing them. Another day was spent taking down a four foot fence and erecting a 6 foot one at the end of our drive. One of our Malinois had decided since my son and daughter in law are back and living next door she should be the new welcoming party. Every day. The final straw was when she ventured to close to the road and was spotted by my parents. Of course this snowballed into a landscaping project .....  that tree is ugly, we should cut it down. Some grasses would look pretty planted here. Yeah and so it went.
We had a large harvest of veggies that week. We dug the first round of potatoes. Since it rained right after planting and many had rotted in the ground, we only got about 3 bushels. The late potatoes are looking much better.
We planted late squash, green beans, October beans and corn. Hubby wanted to try out his new 2 row corn planter. Boys and their toys. ;-))
Lots of basil was harvested. Many containers of pesto were made and put in the freezer for a burst of summertime in winter recipes.
And that is some of the happenings going on the homestead so far this month!

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