Thursday, March 1, 2018

Yet another rainy day on the homestead. Sigh. I am so looking forward to warm days and sunshine!
Though I would have loved to curl up with a good book, hot tea and a fire I had plenty of other things to do.

First was to call the vet. The old ewe I brought down Saturday was acting like she was in labor. She laid down yesterday and has refused to get up. Part of it is that she is the size of a bean bag chair!
Not in labor yet but getting close. The vet hopes she will go soon and get back on her feet. She is alert but very uncomfortable and is having a hard time breathing because of her size. Fingers crossed I can pull her through along with her unborn lambs. For now it is a waiting game.
I canned another 7 quarts of stock to add to the pantry. I also finally got the 25 pounds of pintos that have been waiting in the pantry for a month packed in mylar bags and added them to long term food storage.
I did finally get to build that cozy fire. I baked a loaf of red wheat bread for sandwiches to accompany the pot of soup simmering on the stove.
And now I think I'll try and grab 30 minutes of reading til hubby gets home!

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