Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Best Laid Plans...

I knew today was going to be hectic but I still had plans for a nice romantic Valentine dinner. Oh yes, fondue with all the fixings. A cheese fondue, a main and of course chocolate!!

Up early to bake bread, make the drop, pick up a friends dog that I am helping train along with mine and off to the trainers an hour away. Two hours of training down, I headed to the processors to pick up a box of bacon they forgot to load Saturday. On the way home I stopped off to get a bottle of wine for said romantic meal, drop off friend's dog and pick up chicken feed. I got home around 3:15. Plenty of time. Mom helped me tag team feeding and I got up to the house at 4 or so. Talon, the Mal pup needed some exercise so I grabbed a leash to take him out. A pitiful yelp when I touched his collar. Uh-oh. After careful inspection and a little peroxide, I thought he had a puncture wound on the top of his head. Muttering under my breathe and blaming poor Ziva, the other Mal, I called the vet. Bring him now. Sigh.

Of course he had to be sedated, there was no other way to even begin to inspect it. Leave him and come back in two hours. Can you see the romantic dinner fading fast?

Back home I told hubby the sad news. No look of surprise, no sigh of resignation. Just a "I'll ride with you to pick him up" and let's have some cheese and crackers. Love my Valentine!!

Turns out, Talon had a hot spot. Very strange and really no explanation why. He gets to wear this lovely collar and be on antibiotics for 2 weeks along with a small dose of prednisone. Poor guy. This is going to make for an interesting week or so!
And yes, I apologized to Ziva for wrongly accusing her!

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