Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Late Night Delivery

Another set of twins born this week. I was at work when Mom called to let me know I had a goat in labor. I fully expected babies to be here when I got home. Nope. I checked her every 30 minutes or so and still no babies. I finally decided to check her progress and I could feel the head of baby so left what I thought was well enough alone. Several hours passed and still no baby. At this point my hiney was sore from sitting on a bucket waiting.  I went back in for another check. This time I could tell even though head first, the feet were not in the correct position. This was not good. It was time to assist. I was finally able to get a very large buck delivered. Alive and well! Soon afterwards an undeveloped fetus was delivered. Mother and baby were doing fine. It was almost midnight and I had an early morning so thinking my work here was done headed up for a shower and bed.
Imagine my surprise when this morning I was greeted by a second tiny little girl!! And here is the loves her babies but has no intention of feeding them. Sigh. Two more bottle babies I suppose. Good thing retirement is only 2 weeks away!!

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