Monday, February 6, 2017

Hauling Hogs

Good grief this trip became a comedy of errors. Yesterday I told hubby we needed to load a hog that was next door at Sis's house. I told him to give me 10 minutes and I would be out to help. Well, not one to let grass grow under his feet he started without me. Apparently he misunderstood and was backing the trailer with the tractor to the wrong field when it popped off the hitch and crashed into the gate. That was right after he let the LG dog out who promptly disappeared for an hour! By the time I got there he was not a happy camper, especially when I told him wrong field. Sigh.

We moved the trailer to the right gate and I call Sis to let her know we were ready. She lured her pig through the field. (Beware of following a woman with marshmallows for ye leave and never return!) Now that she was loaded we could finish loading the others in the morning.

Now I know hubby was trying to be helpful but once again did not wait for backup when relocating the trailer to the other pasture. I looked out the window to see pigs wandering around the front yard eating acorns. Another sigh..
The good news is all were rounded up and loaded this morning to be hauled to the processors. And no, the chicken didn't go!

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