Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Clean-up Has Begun

Today was the first of many to come of spring clean-up. I has been a very long winter. The barn floor is was 8 inches deep in hay and manure. That was the first chore scraping it out and pushing it into a pile to rot over the summer.
Next on the list was repairing the brooders. 50 meat birds are due to arrive next week. We don't normally do that many but youngest son, Luke, will be home from school for the summer. He wants to help on the farm and have a hand in the processing of the chickens in exchange for taking some back in the fall. Help is good. Yes, I'll trade chicken ;-)) That meant the second, seldom used brooder needed a little work. As the chicks grow I'll have to divide them for a couple of weeks until ready to go outside.
Of course it wouldn't be a normal day if one project didn't get finished before another began.
Hubby decided half way through the barn cleaning receptacles needed to be put behind the brooders for the lights so the jungle of drop cords would no longer be needed. And so they were.
Last on the list was to plant the 3 almond trees and another peach tree that arrived yesterday. The Red Haven peach made it in the ground but not the almonds. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!
I had quite the audience while planting!!

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