Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Late Deep Freeze

After baking and delivering bread, Ziva  and I had an early Schutzhund training session. Back home by lunch, it was time for farm chores. Today we finally finished the daunting pile of wood that has been stacked by the garden for most of the winter. Several hours of splitting and stacking wood and the wood shed was neat, tidy and ready for next winter. With this done I can finally put the row of blackberries and raspberries along the outer edge of the garden.
Not today though. Unfortunately we are going to be hit with a late record breaking deep freeze. So after all other chores were done, we started hauling plants in the garage that had just earlier this week enjoyed some 70* days. In addition to that, we wrapped the blueberry bushes, now in full bloom, with sheets, feed bags and row cover. It looked more like a bad Halloween decorating theme than a blueberry patch. Fingers crossed it's enough and we'll save the blooms. Tomorrow will tell...  

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