Sunday, December 28, 2014

Nubian Goats

After much thought and discussion, it had been decided to quit raising Saanen dairy goats and bring in spotted Nubians. Mom has always loved this breed. Me, not so much as I sometimes find them noisy and a little on the needy side. However, after purchasing a spotted doe last fall, decided I could probably learn to love them as much as she. Mom has several older registerable does, with heavy milking lines. There is a lot of paperwork to catch up on but we should have registrations straightened out soon and have the herd up and going by late spring.
This is Squilma, as a youngster..the combined name of Screech and Wilma! Yes, she is very vocal.
This is Betty, though not spotted carries spots, definitely more laid back and quiet.
Off to a good start, I think, with 4 kids born in the last week. All of these from her original herd. Two does, Noel and Mistletoe along with the boys from yesterday. Cozy under the heat lamps..
 So, this is the second new venture this year for Maple Lane Homestead!

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