Saturday, December 27, 2014

It felt good to get back to some semblance of normalcy today. I like routine! An early morning baking, cleaning the kitchen and then outside to enjoy an unseasonably warm day. I perused the garden and picked large amounts of kale and spinach. I pulled a couple of spring onions to add to the salad I will be fixing tonight. After weeks of heavy food we are craving "green".
I also planted some garlic in one of the cold frame beds. It was shipped late and with all the rain, it has been to wet to plant in the garden. Two varieties of mid-season hardneck....
The highlight of the day was discovering a set of twin nubian goat kids born last night. Two spotted bucks. They were born on the hill at Mom's. She has no power there so we walked momma goat and babies down the hill to my barn to be in a stall with heat lamps. Meet Leon (backwards for noel) and Buddy, named for the Christmas move "Elf". Nubians? Yes the latest change/addition to the homestead. More tomorrow!

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