Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Today I taught the first in a series of bread classes for the county extension office. They have a wonderful huge kitchen and lots of interest in bread making. So I packed up my grinder, grains and mixer and off  I went. Bless this class's heart they were my guinea pigs. A little bit of trail and error with their ovens and water temps but it was lots of fun and I hope I have created some new bakers!
Once back home I headed to the barn to check critters and get chores done. I harvested some beautiful lettuce for our grilled chicken salads tonight and then off to the kitchen to finally finish up the jalapeno peppers harvested on Sunday.
By day's end 13 jars of peppers were canned. The last of the summer's bounty tucked away for winter's use. For the next few months we will enjoy what the winter garden provides in addition to all the goodies preserved over the summer.  

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