Saturday, September 1, 2012

Preparing The Fall Garden

Much work had to be done before the fall garden could go in. All of the tomato plants had to be pulled out and supports hauled to the shed. The hog weed in some places was head high and had to be cut out before tilling so as not to scatter any more of their seed. The pumpkin and winter squash plants weren't even visible and out of frustration I had Doug plow it all up. They only crops left are crowder peas, okra, basil and watermelons. I know, I know, whoever heard of watermelons in September? But melons we have and picked the first ripe one today!
Once that was done, Doug could finally begin tilling. I had hoped to plant today but decided to let the hot sun work on the grasses and roots for the day. So, once the garden was in some semblance of order, we moved on to the herb bed where we weeded and got them ready for the new herbs that I hope to get in next week.

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