Friday, September 7, 2012

Let Us Pray

My sister went in for surgery today. She was very stressed and worried, understandably so. You know that I'm scared I won't wake up thing... Anyway, when the doctor came in he saw her tears, he grabbed her hand and said do you want to pray? HOW cool is that? Unfortunately, I missed it because he was the same doctor I had last year that was always at least an hour late for my appointments. He was 45 minutes early for hers! He is now back on my good list after today.
She did great and is home. After she was settled, I got all the girls milked and fed and hurried to the kitchen to make mega pans of lasagna for the family to munch on this weekend while she takes it easy. I also started a batch of beef broth in the crock pot. Once her goodies were tucked in her fridge, I finished barn chores and the new Friday mowing chores. It has been hot and dry this week so all of the new plantings had to be watered as well.

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