Saturday, September 8, 2012

Crowder Peas

A good chance of showers are called for this afternoon and sent me out to the garden early. Way behind on the okra picking, I had to toss half on the ground. There was still a huge amount though, plenty to share with family and then some.The great find of the day though was the first of the crowder peas were ready! A large basket was filled and menu plans changed. I will simmer the fresh peas in the beef stock from yesterday~ Yum! In addition to the okra and peas more basil was picked. That means more pesto needs to be made. I was afraid we would be buried in pesto but it seems to be the new favorite meal and we have been working on the winter reserves already.
The promised storms did arrive and give the garden a much needed drink of water. And afterwards the most beautiful rainbow...
That was only mid day, so it left plenty of time for evening chores to be finished and some weed pulling in the herb bed!

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