Saturday, November 27, 2010

Splitting Wood

You know the saying.. chopping wood warms a man (and woman) twice. It certainly does and at the end of the day that large pile of firewood can make you feel very wealthy as well. With the exception of the normal chores- baking, feeding, ect. the day was spent cutting down trees. Most were hickory trees that are to be used for a "turkey cooking " party always held in late December. We cook turkeys for all of my husband's employees and a few close friends. Usually around 16 or so.
I was in charge of dragging and piling the branches on the trailer while the guys cut down the trees and cut the wood into loadable pieces. We all loaded the wood trailer. Once that was done, my husband headed to the upper barn to get the splitter. I followed along on foot. He hooked the splitter to his tractor and started down the rugged terrain. One large bump was all it took to pop the splitter off the hitch and send it crashing down the hill, headed for the fence. I just watched with horror, hand over mouth, waiting to see where it would stop and what damage it was going to cause. It crashed into the fence and stopped, just popping staples loose and doing little other damage, but was wedged in there tightly. The look on my husband's face was priceless and I collapsed in gales of laughter which in turn got my son hysterical. Doug, was not amused and shaking his head, he went to get a chain to pull the splitter out. Repairs made, we were finally able to complete the task we started, though not without a few more giggles on my part.
It was almost dark when we finished up and I had just enough time to pick a peck basket of spinach, a large bag of lettuce and gather eggs. Looks like there will be lots of spinach recipes on the menu this coming week!

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