Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Shearing Day

Today was shearing day. Our husband and wife shearing team arrived around one o'clock and the games began. They sheared a total of 18 ewes, 4 rams and 2 angora goats. Of course this being the coldest night thus far this fall, all the critters were a bit ticked at being naked! I will keep them in the barn for the next few days until the weather warms again on Monday. I will then break the sheep into breeding groups for the winter. The angora goats, belonging to my mom, will go back in with the cashmere bucks in hope of some cashgora kids in the spring! I am looking forward to seeing what type of fiber the kids will produce. I understand that it is exceptionally soft like the cashmere, but having much less guard hair.

Most of the fleeces were really beautiful this fall. Very little trash in them with some locks as long as 5-6 inches! The bulk of them were piled on my truck bed to be skirted and handled on Monday as well. What to do with all of the fleeces?! They best will be saved for myself or sold to hand spinners and the balance I plan to ship off and have washed and carded into roving. When I get them back I can then spin them into my own "Lopi" yarn.

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