Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bye Bye Bees

We made several calls about the bee situation in our bedroom wall. The exterminator said yellow jackets don't build in the same place twice, so if we could live with it, just leave them until winter. Uh, no. The "wildlife" removal person would spray. Duh. We could do that.
So, once again my husband put on his bee suit and went to work with a can of spray. The spray he used had a little nozzle that would fit in the crack where they were coming and going between the eve of the house and the rock facing. Then from the bedroom side he made a small slit in the duck tape and sprayed from there as well. Only one escaped while doing that. We then put cardboard up over the hole and taped again just in case the spray weakened the ceiling. After a few minutes of angry buzzing, all was silent. Ding, dong the bees are dead...
Now all we have is a huge mess to clean up. The ceiling will have to be patched, the molding replaced and maybe a section of the wall. That, we won't know until we investigate a bit further. After all the patching, we will have to paint. I am just glad it wasn't honey bees, that would have meant the whole wall would have been taken out to remove and relocate them! Always thankful for small favors.

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