Friday, August 30, 2019

Unhappy Sheep

The sheep are NOT happy! (Note several butt shots!) We limed the fields today and they have to be off them until we get some rain. Unfortunately the storm we thought would wash it in has passed us once again and now there is no rain in sight. The dry weather is making life on the homestead very hard these days. We have torn up fields getting ready for Fall planting hoping to establish new pastures for rotational grazing and more hay in the Spring. This past month has brought no rain and high temps. We keep waiting for a window to get something in the ground but so far it has been pointless. We are beginning to think that planting Fall and Winter forage may be the route we have to take since we are fast burning through hay storage and odds are not good for another cutting. This will be the first year since we have been doing our hay we have not had at least 2 cuttings. Come on Mother Nature! We could use a little help here on the homestead.

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