Wednesday, August 28, 2019


A few weeks ago I was taking care of our chickens and realized I only had a few younger hens. The rest are aging out. I guess I lost my mind for a bit and ordered 25 brown egg layers and 15 bantam chicks. At the time this seemed like a really good idea!
My plan for the bantams is to use them for live little brooding machines. They are such good mamas and if I let one or two go broody each Spring I should not have to buy anymore chicks. Chalk one up for being more self sufficient if that plan actually works out.
I lost a couple the first day but they actually shipped 19 bantams so it all evened out. Hopefully I will end up with more banty hens than roosters! Everyone is settled in and doing well. Who can resist cute baby chicks? Not me. Yep this was a really good idea!

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