Sunday, July 12, 2015

It has still been another hot, dry and brutal week but at least we got a half inch of rain early in the week. There is a promise of some rain for the next couple of days so we headed to the garden early today to put some late crops in. A late row of green beans, squash, and cucumbers were planted. A friend managed to find some purple sweet potato slips for me and we got them in as well. A little weeding and cultivating with the tractor and things are in good shape.
The soaker hose has gotten quite the workout and it is starting to pay off. Finally we are starting to harvest more than a few squash. Actually, in the last week the squash has exploded and we are gathering an armload a day.
Lots of little cucumbers coming along and it looks like making pickles will be on the chore list next week.
The eggplant are doing well. I think they are such a pretty plant, Beautiful blooms that turn into food!

Green beans are starting to bloom, peppers are coming in and the tomatoes are setting fruit. It is going to be a late harvest but that's ok.... we are happy to have one at all after a rocky start.

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