Friday, May 1, 2015

Fears Confirned

The dreaded phone call came today. The raccoon that we shot on Wednesday tested positive for rabies. I was stunned. The officer that called said he was unable to give medical advice but ran a few things by me and suggested I call our family doctor. He seems to think all is OK since no one was bitten and no cuts were on any one's hands.
I called to let our small animal vet know and she is pretty stressed about the situation. She suggested I vaccinate all the sheep and goats. Unfortunately, that is not realistic as we are fast approaching 40+ animals with all the babies. I assured her I would call the large animal vet. He left me a message and was not quite as concerned. If we see no physical evidence of an attack and nothing was in that stall he would take a wait and see approach. So, I have voluntarily quarantined the farm for the next 10 days.
It has been extremely stressful, but I am holding on with positive thoughts and prayers. For those of you who pray, maybe send up an extra one for us for the next few days!


  1. Wow, Kelly! So sorry to hear about this! Have y'all in my heart for being clear all around from Rabies.

  2. Thanks Laura! Yes just need to get through the weekend and all shall be well.