Monday, May 4, 2015

2015 Hay Days

The weatherman has given us several days in a row of clear weather. This time of year that can be hard to find and so as I write the first fields are being mowed. Tomorrow we will drop another 2 fields. Wednesday and Thursday they will be baled and hauled to the barns. It looks to be another year of sparse fields though. With a cold spring the grass grew slowly and then this last week of heat caused it to bolt and prematurely form seed heads. And so goes the farm life.
In addition to the fescue, Doug mowed a couple of smaller rye grain fields planted last fall. Some research says rye grain hay with the seed heads not opened can yield an 18% protein hay. That would be an excellent feed source for the Kune Kune pigs. On the down side it takes twice as long as regular hay to dry and so we will cross our fingers it comes up before a chance of rain on Friday.

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