Sunday, October 19, 2014

One the the new fence lines was totally completed today. This connects two smaller pastures together and also leads up to the barn for shelter. The original lower field had no shelter unless we took down a section of fence. Very inconvenient and made for a lot of extra work. The paddock area it connects to will have to be resown at some time. Right now it houses my appaloosa horse that left and came back after loosing his eyesight, and this is his safe haven for the time being.
The next fence project will be started in the coming week. It will take a bit longer as the whole line has to be rerun. The posts are old and have for the most part rotted. We plan to cross fence it as well making it into two smaller pastures for rotating the sheep. My goal is to have a total of 6 pastures completed by spring giving us the ability to rotate every 10 days, allowing the pastures to rest and hopefully cutting down on parasite issues even more in the sheep.

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