Sunday, October 5, 2014

Experiments In The Kitchen

After the last few weekends of butt busting, back breaking work we took this weekend to catch up on things a little lass stressful. Mowing grass, organzing shops and tools and I got to have some down time playing in the kitchen.
I have been wanting to make some dehydrated crackers for the longest time. These turned out, ummm, quite interesting.
 They are considered a raw food since they were dehydrated at 105* for about 15 hours. They are flourless, made from flax and sunflower seed.
They were quite tasty dipped in my homemade hummus. I make  this from dried garbanzo beans cooked in chicken stock with lots of veggies. Puree and devour--no oil needed!
I have also wanted to get back into drinking smoothies each morning but I hate dragging bag after bag to toss in the blender each day. So, I put together smoothie bags. I made enough for the week in about 10 minutes!
Another fun thing I did was make my own almond milk. Who knew it could be so quick and easy! It turned out quite delicious. I made an unsweetened vanilla to add to morning smoothies (or drink!). The ground almonds left from straining were dehydrated and ground for baking at some future date.
Hope you had a great weekend!

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