Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saving Seed

Today we harvested a couple of dried bushels of the new crowder pea we planted this year. It is called Red Ripper. It is not really a new pea, in fact a very old pea, whose seed was shared with us from a very old farmer. We were thrilled to try it and the family agreed it was one of the best we have eaten. So, excited to add this to our seed bank, we are keeping LOTS of seed. After shelling, we will put the seeds in jars and store in the fridge. We won't need all the seeds we shell out next year, but always keep extra in case of a crop failure. This pea was so delicious fresh we are going to try eating them dried as well, so that was another reason for the quantity saved.

I have also let the okra go and we will harvest that seed once it is very dry on the plant. (Some have already started to dry.) I decided on this plant because of the multi-branching genetics it showed. Most of the okra branches somewhat but this one was awesome.
Another seed we usually save is a purple hull crowder that we call JO's pea, for the farmer that shared those with us about 15 or 16 years ago. This year we had a great fresh harvest but not any dried seeds. We think maybe the squirrels harvested those for us. Not to worry though there are plenty stashed from years past. The squirrels have wreaked havoc on the farm this year and come cooler weather we will be harvesting some of them! Recipes will be posted on the eating blog ;o))

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