Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Clean Up Begins

Doug was up early to start the repairs to the chicken coop with the help of some of his guys. I was up early baking. I fixed his breakfast and called him up. As he stepped in the door I said, I'm molding, I'm molding, I'm molding and collapsed in a puddle on the floor. Hubby was not amused. Oh, well. We must try and keep our sense of humor being that the rains have come and gone again all morning, sending them to seek shelter in the barn.
Thankfully the skies cleared around 11:30 and with no more interruptions a lot was accomplished. The coop was almost finished. A few supplies were needed but we chose not to leave the farm today and will get those tomorrow.

The chickens are now on dry ground in their new "pala de poulet".
I guess that's one way to get a shed off the back!

I did barn chores today. Rearranging animals, worming, tagging and just general cleanup at the barn.

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