Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Muddy Mess

Supplies arrived late yesterday evening to begin repairs on the fences and chicken coop. Luke, Doug and some of his guys were slated to start at daylight. It was raining. AGAIN. Since last Thursday we have had almost 9 inches of rain. They worked as hard and fast as they could but rain was continuing to send them to shelter- 30 minutes on, 30 off, was not getting a lot done, so at 1:30 they called it a day.

 The gravel is so saturated that trying to repair the drive just squishes the water out and leaves ruts. They will have to be repaired at a later date. At least we can drive to the barn!
In the meantime the animals are having to be kept in small paddocks until fences are repaired and they can return to pasture. This is not a healthy environment and I stress each time I slog through the mud to fill water buckets, wash out feed bins and feed hay and grain. I have already had to treat for foot scald and now some of the younger goat kids are starting to show signs of stress with outbreaks of diarrhea. I have moved the youngest to the barn in stalls filled overflowing with shavings in hopes that I can hold the "bad guys" at bay. Bad guys being coccidia and parasites. The sheep are holding their far.
We certainly could use a few dry days!

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