Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making Goat Milk Soap

I awoke to a lovely drizzly morning. Lovely, because we desperately need the rain and I needed an excuse not to be outside! I have a huge number of soap orders to get out and need to make more inventory as well. It is hard for me to stay indoors when the weather is nice and since I also need to get ahead for the holidays, it was a perfect morning.
I gathered all my ingredients and proceeded to get to work. In a few short hours, I had filled all my molds. Today produced a lovely lavender soap, a double batch of sandalwood with oatmeal, a Russian tea with orange peel (and yes it smells just like the Russian tea we made as kids!) and a double batch of tangerine with calendula petals. A good day's work for sure. I will have to freeze more goat milk before the next go round. I hope that is to be next week as more rain may be in the future. My dad has also promised to make me a few more molds, so I hope to turn out quite a bit very soon. I have also been commissioned to create a soap for a young lady with some skin problems. I think this will be a fun venture as well.

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