Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finishing the Fall Garden

Yesterday I planted the garlic and onions that arrived over the weekend. In an effort to become more self sufficient, I planted yellow multiplier onions and Egyptian walking onions. These varieties are supposed to produce year after year without the purchase of new bulbs. I plan to save the best from year to year and it is my hope that these plants will prove useful!
The garlic varieties I chose this year are Chinese Pink, a very early season, Early Red Italian, an early season, Oregon Blue, Music, and Italian Late all mid season and finally (I couldn't resist), Elephant garlic a late season variety!
I also sowed some more lettuces, 8 different varieties, as well as 2 kinds of kohlrabi and another variety of spinach. Lastly I planted spring onions, 303 to be exact. Why so many you ask? A momentary loss of good judgement at purchasing time.

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