Monday, May 3, 2010

Not A Normal Monday

Most Mondays I just sort of ooze into my day and coming week. It is the only day I am truly "off". No baking, working or husband to tell me how much needs to be done (as if I don't know!)I usually have an extra cup of coffee and make out my to-do lists for the week. Not so today. I awoke to hear the weather man saying it we had about an hour before the rain set in. I quickly fixed breakfast and packed lunch for my son, grabbed a cup of coffee and gulped it down on the way to the garden. I had to get 30 shares of spinach picked before the rain for the local CSA. Ever notice how weathermen are kinda like politicians? They tend to lie. I did not quit finish before the sky opened up. I got what I hoped to be enough and headed to the house to bag and it and get it in the refrigerator. I was a few bags short, so out into the rain again to pick the balance.
CSA order taken care of, I did a few things in the house hoping to find a window in the rain so I could head to the barn and get some feeding done. Shortly after lunch that opportunity arose so I hurried out to get chores done. I was almost finished when it began to sprinkle again. I was headed to the house when I noticed the calf slated for butcher later this summer was out in the backyard. It seems my oldest son did not latch the gate tight this morning when he returned one of the horses he took riding this weekend. This is going to be fun I grumbled. She is strictly grass fed and has no clue what a grain bucket is. And so the chase began. Twice through the garden, twice through the blueberry patch where she stopped and ate on my bushes and 3 times around the house where she also ate flowers. About 30 minutes into the merry chase I called to see if my husband was anywhere near. No such luck. Finally, after a 45 minute workout I got her fanny back into the pasture. Soaking wet and very ticked I stomped to the house where I changed clothes (again) and promptly put in a call to the slaughter house. The next time she gets out of something, it will be the freezer.

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