Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Strawberry Season!

This week the strawberries started to ripen and for a few short weeks we will be enjoying the bounty.The little country store where I work part time, planted berries last fall and the plants are full of the beautiful red gems! They also opted not to spray which makes it even better since strawberries are considered one of the "dirty dozen" and can be loaded with pesticides. Today I started with a batch of jam and will make several more over the next couple of weeks. I always make a lot of jam as it seems to be a favorite and I give it as gifts around the holidays. (Never to early to think about Christmas!)I will also be making syrup and freezing whole berries to use during the winter in smoothies and ice cream.

We also mowed the first of three fields of hay today. Looks like we will be mowing around 16 acres this year. We will have made it through the winter with 6 bales to spare! Tomorrow my son will get out of school early to tedder. The teachers just shake their heads when we call to have him come home early these couple of weeks for "hay season". ( He is a straight a student, so they really don't mind ;o) Friday we will bale and if the weather hold the other two fields will go down next week.

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