Friday, August 3, 2018

"Stocking " Up

Last week we committed to buying half a cow from a friend. With my freezers already about to overflow with the chickens we processed this summer and 3 pigs yet to go to slaughter I knew we were going to be short on space. I started doing some rearranging and defrosting and realized a lot of space was being taken up by bones. Lamb bones, pork bones and 40 pounds of chicken parts. Yep, time to make and can some stock!

So while the canners were running full time so were the turkey roasters. The first 2 rounds were 1 each of lamb and pork bones. They each simmered for 3 days. The next 5 rounds were chicken bones. I let them simmer for 2 days. Now jar after lovely jar of stock line the pantry.

The meat arrived today. Guess what came with it. Uh huh, more bones!!

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