Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Busy July- Preserving The Harvest (Part 2)

Then tomatoes started to ripen. Our harvest was not what I had hoped for so my friend from the farm where I used to help out started sending me her unsaleable ones. Bushels of unsaleable ones.

And of course the corn would come in about that time! My kitchen looked like a veggie bomb had exploded in it. It was constant semi controlled chaos for 2 solid weeks. Right about that time my dishwasher died. The poor fellow was trying to work on it amongst the dehydrator running, jars jiggling in the pan and pots simmering on the stove. He finally said," mam I can't hear if I got it running." Sadly he did not and it was another week before we got the part.
I froze bout 40 quarts and sis froze 38. We ate fresh corn until we could eat no more. I dried several trays of corn silks for tea and made a batch or corn cob jelly. Yum! 

 As for the pantry, 63 jars of salsa and 28 jars of spaghetti sauce were placed on the shelves. My sister brought me a bag of fresh black eyed peas and after eating a huge delicious pot I canned 8 pints of those.
Going to be some good eating around here this winter!

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