Saturday, January 2, 2016

Today was a nice day, though a bit chilly. It seems mother nature woke up and said "Oh yeah it's winter!!" and so after a month with the windows open, the heat was turned on.
An early morning baking and then off to train the dogs for a while. Ludovic is coming along nicely and starting to track pretty well. I am totally in love with him!
Once back home it was time to feed critters and clean. Seems that is all I do these days. Muddy feet are abundant. As are dirty towels trying to cut down on muddy feet!
 Hubby has been working hard in the basement building new shelves to better organize all of our "stuff" and a lot of that we have. He is also building and designating an area for all the bee equipment. We plan to get bees again this year. I am hopeful that we may possibly be able to keep them longer than 2 years. I love the bees and every time I fail them I promise to work harder the next time.  In my heart I feel my homestead is not complete without honey bees!

Today was also the end of deer season. My brother-in-law, a friend and his young son went hunting on our farm in Virginia. And who got the last deer of the season? The 8 year old of course! Glad I didn't have to ride home with him! Monday will find us processing and freezing the meat. ;-)  


  1. So much fun stuff going on with the start of the new year! Ludovic is beautiful! That gorgeous brindle coat... I am so envious of your bee plans. I have wanted bees for about 10 years now, but renting in suburbia tends to keep that from happening. Boo. I hope your hives get established quickly and start thriving! And a long distance high five to the eight year old for bagging the last deer of the season! Yay for fresh venison!!

  2. Thank you! Yes, January, even though a quiet month on the homestead is a busy month planning.