Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Miserable Muddy Homestead

The last few weeks have been nothing but rain and ice and snow and rain....muddy would probably be an understatement. At various times I have needed ice skates, snow skies and now a good pair of hip waders would be nice! It is probably the wettest I have ever seen it since we have been homesteading. Oh, it was pretty enough while here, but the aftermath is just plain awful. Slogging through the mud day after day makes for most unpleasant chores. The animals are eating tons of hay as there is not much in the way of pasture to be had. However, I try not to complain to much...I could be tripping over stop signs like the poor people up north!
One bright note, the chickens are telling me Spring is coming! Lots of eggs being laid each day.
Other happenings around here: Mom and Dad sold their house and will be moving on the 5 acres they own beside us. We will be busy moving them this next month and helping get a new house built for them. AND my boys surprised me with a hoop house/greenhouse! Sis and I are so excited. This was one of our goals for the year. It is 14x72 feet. We hope as soon as it dries we can get the grading done and at least get the poles set. If that happens we will be able to get beds ready inside to do some year round gardening. This summer we will use without the plastic for various crops and this fall put the plastic on it. Someday, we would love to add heat and possibly an aquaponic system. Growing our own organic fish is of great interest. And so, that has been the last month on the homestead!

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