Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Chicken Rescue

It had been a long busy day. Doug and I were taking a few moments to relax on the patio. I keep hearing a baby chicken peeping. I finally decided that it was a distress peep and went to check. Sure enough Mama Bird was running from her brood of babies, to a drain pipe, back to babies. A chick had proceeded to fall into the pipe. I stuck my arm in to try and get it but the pipe was way too deep.
Doug was not thrilled he was going to have to lend a hand in the daring rescue......
But he did. First one section was removed, then another and finally another. Almost 3 feet had to be dug up. Finally baby was rescued and is now happily back with Mama Bird!
Though happy baby is fine, Doug was muttering about it was going to be much harder to repair the pipe than digging it up. Of course, it will!

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